Land and Vegetation Management

Advanced Land Management’s land and vegetation management services cover a wide array of land clearing processes to address your needs. Whether its commercial property or your own personal projects, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done! 

Berry and Orchard Removal 

Berry and orchard removal are just one part of the agricultural land management services we offer. As experienced land and vegetation management specialists, we are intimately familiar with the challenges berry plant and orchard owners face. Sickly trees and uneven crop growth can make it tricky to return your land to a workable state.  

In the pictures below, you’ll see a couple of action shots. In these cases, Advanced Land Management was brought in for blueberry removal and blackberry mulching services. We used state-of-the-art mulching equipment to break down berry plants to produce soil ready for farming and future planting.  

Post-Harvest Clean-Up

Our land and vegetation management team handled several post-harvest clean-up projects. In one particular case, we mulched low-lying areas. We then rotovated the land for cultivation and seeding. Using forestry mulchers, we also processed slash from forested areas, mulching it and rotovating it back into the ground.


As a land and vegetation management company surrounded by the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, we strive to offer environmentally-friendly services whenever possible. Some of our specific land management and mulching processes preserve the land’s integrity leaving soil rejuvenated with additional organic material. 


Advanced Land Management adheres to industry best practices and seeks out innovation as well as new technology. This practice has allowed us to expand the services we offer throughout Oregon and Washington. For example, we introduced cost effective in-line crushing to the Northwest transforming the road maintenance process.  

At Advanced Land Management, we create custom, innovative solutions for each client—feel free to contact us now
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