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Land Clearing

ALM’s land clearing and land management services in Oregon combine standard industry practices with constantly evolving technology. We strive to improve the land that we work on by giving special consideration to soil health and the reduction of pollutants entering the air. We work to achieve this by combining both new and time tested equipment and methods to complete the projects entrusted to us, often without the need to burn or haul away. Where applicable the organic matter is returned to the soil through rotovation. Rotovation grinds and destroys the remaining stumps and root mass and reintegrates the organic material into the ground where it rejuvenates the soil, reduces erosion, and increases water retention. When there is a need to remove the organic material from the site we make it our goal to repurpose it into a useful end product. ALM’s Oregon land clearing services are commonly applied to personal back yard projects, small acreage land clearing, agriculture crops, forest land, and large commercial development.

We highly suggest contacting us prior to logging and harvesting so we can provide the information you need to find the most effective and cost efficient plan for your land!

Brush Clearing

We love brush clearing and mowing! Our beautiful Pacific Northwest is known for being green and always growing. Unfortunately, along with the things we want to grow there are never a shortage of invasive species looking to take advantage. We offer a range of machinery to address the constant growth of brush such as blackberry, scotch broom, and hawthorn quickly taking over your backyards, rural property, fence lines, and driveways. With our brush clearing and mowing equipment we are often capable of mulching acres a day to ground level. For larger acreage and the heaviest concentrations, we also offer much larger machinery capable of even greater rates of ground coverage. Make your property a park with ALM’s careful and environmentally friendly methods of brush clearing today!


Our equipment isn’t just restricted to brush clearing. We also provide mowing services for commercial property management and agriculture application. Our tractor / batwing mower combinations can mow up to 10 acres per hour, and while extremely versatile, we often combine our mower with one of our other platforms to reach wet ground, steep grades, and other hard to reach areas. The robust capabilities of our mowers allow them to go beyond just grass and address light brush along the way as well. Both our mowing and land management services in Oregon are affordable and effective option for annual land management requirements.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding or removal can often be one of the toughest struggles in land clearing and property management. The process is often time consuming, disrupts ground contours, and requires hauling off or time consuming attempts to burn. Left on their own these stumps restrict property use, offer dangerous obstacles, occasionally result in regrowth, and are agonizingly slow to decompose. ALM has yet to meet a stump we couldn’t handle. Our stump grinding attachments for our skid steers offer a quick and easy method to reduce stumps well below ground level in harder to reach areas or small concentrations. For larger areas and higher stump concentration we offer earth shaking machines in excess of 600hp to reduce large stumps to below ground level in minutes. These machines are the fast and effective answer to logging operation cleanup, forest-to-farm, pasture land creation, and building site preparation. They are highly effective for just the stump or the entire tree; all without burning or digging.
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