ALM, in partnership with Haley Construction Inc. annually completes award winning In-Stream fish habitat improvement projects. These projects orchestrated by various watersheds and the USFS are often unique and one of a kind. Utilizing methods and equipment never before seen or used, we implement these projects in extremely tight time and budgetary constraints. We take pride in operating in a manner which adheres to the stringent environmental regulations while accomplishing dramatic results. These projects often involve introducing massive trees with root wads attached (up to 130’ long,) regrading vast floodplains to historic specifications, and creating enormous structures in the channel. Year over year we are able to return to these projects and witness the increasing return of native fish to these streams and rivers, further bolstering our abundant natural resources and the ecology of the land.


Habitat restoration such as Early Seral, Oak Savannah, and various Riparian habitats are what ALM was built on. We regularly remove invasive species from riparian areas, thin and release Oak Savannah, and create meadows and gaps to improve early seral habitat. Whether these projects require a light touch with small equipment, or machinery capable of shaking the earth, we can implement and complete any project with results that will exceed your expectations.