Forestry Mulching

Slash Reduction

As part of our forestry mulching services, ALM offers a post-harvest slash reduction service unlike any conventional slash and fuels reduction methods. We eliminate the need for piling and burning through the use of our massive forestry mulchers. These 600+hp forestry mulchers effectively cover challenging terrain with heavy slash and brush concentrations, quickly reducing material to the specifications necessary for optimum replanting conditions. Aside from the environmental benefits provided by our forestry mulching services, slash busting also creates ground better suited for water retention and erosion control. This translates to better growing conditions year round and a more robust forest in the future. Post-harvest slash reduction services are available throughout the year.


In addition to forestry mulching services, we offer right of way clearing services as well! ALM retains several excavators and mulching platforms perfectly suited for right of way clearing. Whether you are clearing brush and trees for new roads, clearing overgrown roadways, or maintaining utility ROWs, we have the equipment and experience to quickly meet your goals.

Pre-commercial thinning/fuels reduction

Pre-commercial thinning is offered for both fuel reduction purposes and forest health benefits. As seasoned providers of forestry mulching services, we have the experience and resources to select desired trees by both species and health characteristics. ALM leaves behind both healthier and more fire resistant forests with every project we complete.

In-line Crushing

Advanced Land Management LLC offers a new road maintenance process to the Northwest. This process is called ‘In-Line Crushing’ aka ‘In Situ Crushing’. In-Line Crushing is the process of crushing rock on and below the road surface while traveling down the road. There are several things accomplished with the in-line crushing process:
1. Recovery of unusable material
2. Reduction in size of material
3. Uniformity of road surface
4. Profiling of road surface
5. Reduced cost of maintenance rock

In-line crushing addresses the struggle of supplying a road with maintenance rock at a reasonable cost. With in-line crushing rock can be dug from the pit and used to build the road, then the top layer can be crushed in place to generate the maintenance rock. With this process only the needed amount of rock is crushed without worry of over or under producing at the pit.

The large rock which has been turned up from grading over the years or wasted over the edge of the road can also be recovered and turned into a usable product. We accomplish this by pulling the shoulders in, being careful not to bring in organic material. Once the large rock is pulled up onto the road, that material is crushed and spread back out on the roadway.

Depending on the road being treated we may also decide to re-profile as we crush. On roads that are overly wide and flat resulting in inadequate drainage, we will pre-crush ahead of the grader. This is generally done by dropping one side of the head in the ditch and one side on the road surface. This cuts a profile on the road beginning a crown of the surface. The grader then follows behind pulling that crushed material up on to the center of the road where the majority of the traffic load is located. The benefits of this process are increased drainage, increased ability to withstand heavy traffic with less rutting and potholes, and a much drier road base.

The In-Line Crushing process greatly reduces the short and long term costs of maintaining rock roads while delivering a superior product. We deliver this product at a rate of miles per day not days per mile.
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