ALM continues to expand and grow within the agricultural community as a provider of agricultural land clearing services. Our orchard removal services offer several options for commercial farmers seeking to remove retired or sickly trees from the roots up. ALM’s orchard removal process removes trees above and below ground while mulching all material on-site and in-place. Part of this agricultural land clearing service includes mulching the material above ground until the specified size is reached. Once the material is reduced to the desired size it is returned into the soil by either standard cultivation equipment, or if there is still root mass and stumps in place we rotovate it all back into the ground. This process improves soil health by adding the material back into the ground without scarring the ground with high temperature burns; known to kill the microorganisms and add unnecessary pollutants into our air. Water retention and reduced erosion are also huge benefits of this process. Our orchard removal process is easily tailored to your needs. Whether the end result is a fully farmable tract of land, or simply trees and stumps cleared to ground level, we have methods for each. The equipment and processes are also easily applied to interplanting removal or processing material from heavy pruning operations. These processes completely eliminate the need for hauling off material and hazardous burning operations. That means less turnaround time, lower safety risks, and far less traffic on your farmland. These agricultural land clearing services are often possible year round.


Running into logistical challenges removing your berry crops? We are excited to be a part of the growing market for blueberry and various other commercial crop removals. Our mulching equipment offers the ability to mulch your plants whether they are on mounded rows or flat ground. Regardless of the size and age of your blueberries or other berry crops, we can quickly break them down and rotovate them back into the ground, producing soil ready for farming and future planting. Our crop removal processes are environmentally beneficial, highly competitive with the standard pulling and burning costs, and quickly return your ground to a workable state. These services are often possible year round.


Plagued by overgrown Christmas tree crops or leftover stumps? Our mulching and rotovating options offer the ability to address either issue with ease. We can quickly mulch to sub-surface depths eliminating either stumps or the entire tree when desired. Resulting mulch is processed to easily farmed specifications and the soil is ready for planting at the point of completion. Like nearly all of our mulching services, Christmas tree removal is often available year round. Clear those leftover stumps, sickly trees, or overgrown plots quickly and efficiently with ALM’s Christmas tree removal service today!


Retiring or converting plots of old nursery stock? In our time providing agricultural land clearing services, we haven’t encountered a vegetation yet that we couldn’t effectively mulch and level for future use. Whether heavy concentrations like the large curly willow plots pictured below, or lighter concentrations of other ornamental plants, our mulching services will do the job quickly and efficiently. These services are the optimal answer to environmentally conscious land clearing and serve to provide added organic material and nutrition to the soil you grow in, while also eliminating the need to burn or haul off material. Contact us today for any of your nursery related mulching or agricultural landing clearing needs!


ALM also offers agricultural excavation services as well. These services include pump site excavation, river bank restoration, reservoir excavation, and other irrigation or building site preparation services.

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